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Automated Design Analysis

Enter data once into your designs, we do the rest.

Simple Pricing Structure with no Hidden Costs

What you see is what you pay, nothing more.

Faster Delivery

Preventive security is done before coding, saving time and money.

Workflow Integration

It’s easy to include our process in your software design.

Tutamen Threat Model Automator

Discover and mitigate Security Threats early during software design.

Ease of use, common taxonomies, flexible output. It's all here. The Tutamen Threat Model Automator is designed to enable security at the architectural stage, where the cost of fixing flaws is the lowest. Reduce human error and inconsistencies with single input of variables. Make a living threat model that changes when the design changes.

Know your threats, secure your system.

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Comprehensive Report Generation

The Tutamen Threat Model Automator has the ability to generate multiple reports for different stakeholder groups in your company, not just on your project.

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Common Taxonomies

The Tutamen Threat Model Automator uses the well-known OWASP Top 10, STRIDE and Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) for its reference frameworks.

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Easy Implementation

You already know how to use it. There is no new software to learn. The Tutamen Threat Model Automator allows you to enter threat data using tools you already know, like Microsoft Visio and Excel.

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